About Us

Campus Thrift LLC is an online thrift store where college kids can buy and sell pre-owned items. The company’s CEO, Emily Bocchino, has always looked for the best deals and last year her debate team even gave her an award for being the team’s best thrifter due to her purchase of never-been-worn-before Calvin Klein suit for five dollars at a yard sale. But with college coming up close, Emily realized that a single-parent income might not be able to get her everything she needed for college. That’s when she realized that many other college students were also in the same situation as she was, and that a business connecting all these students would benefit them greatly.

On competitor sites, you don’t always know who you’re buying from, and could even get into dangerous situations. With Campus Thrift, students are selling to students, keeping the money and process within the group that really needs it the most by regulating the users of the site by .edu emails to ensure that it’s a site just for students. Although we have only been around a matter of months, we are already starting to gain the attention of the business community. With multiple awards throughout the years, you can say we're used to getting noticed.

With your help, Campus Thrift LLC can become a reality. Get our name out there and get people talking, that way we’re one step closer to getting you the things you need!